In terms of sound quality, I think the Sanken COS-11 has quickly become the #1 choice for a lot of mixers these days. Re: Countryman B6 vs TRAM TR50 vs Sanken COS-11X by Ty Ford on Oct 9, 2008 at 11:29:03 pm. In this video we use it with Sony and Sennheiser wireless systems so you can hear it for yourself. The Countrymans are easier to hide, but the Trams are more versatile in terms of mounting options. Re: Countryman B6 vs TRAM TR50 vs Sanken COS … The Sanken COS-11X is the successor to Sanken's wildly successful COS-11. 6 years ago. The membrane can therefore be larger than the typical hearing aid membrane, which is as tiny as practical, and round. Tram TR50 Lav microphones contain Zero G 1506 hearing aid capsules: Sanken COS-11's are said to have the diaphragm (the membrane that vibrates in reaction to sound) run lengthways down the capsule case. Countryman B6 vs TRAM TR50 vs Sanken COS-11X by steven broido on Oct 9, 2008 at 3:41:29 pm. I like the COS-11 but in my opinion nothing compares to the Tram TR50 for concealment. I use both the Tram TR50 and the Countryman B6 in my kit, and I think each has their pros and cons. This microphone is extremely popular with professional sound mixers and is probably one of the most used microphones in television as well as in features. All of them work reasonably well. Lavalier Microphone Shootout. The Sanken COS-11D lav mic is an industry standard because it delivers excellent sound while also being tough, moisture resistant, and versatile. The vampire clips make it so easy to disappear, it's laughable.
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